Galvanized water tank applications

Galvanized Water Tanks


The modular design of Galvanized Water Tanks has significant advantages over concrete and welded steel tanks.

Galvanized Water Tanks are developed to be lightweight yet extremely durable, with an NSF-61 certified tank liner. The ranges of water storage solutions are ready for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Galvanized water tanks come in turnkey standard sizes and custom capacities. Accessory options are configurable for project needs by qualified engineering personnel.

Complies with International standard codes relevant to the design and manufacturing

Galvanized Water Tanks are manufactured to the relevant standards for a wide range of applications including potable drinking water and fire protection.

Minimum 2mm thick galvanized steel tank body sheets without lamination

Galvanized Water Tanks are manufactured for increased durability for commercial applications

Prefabricated galvanized water tanks for easy delivery and installation

The bolt-together water tank body doesn’t require any onsite welding. The pre-fabricated water tanks are easily transported to the site and with on-site assembly.

Water Tanks are Designed for 30 Years and More Lifespan

Galvanized water tanks are designed to comply with local requirements associated with seismic activity, wind loads, specific gravity, and design life.


    Galvanized water tank applications

    Potable Water Storage Tanks

    Galvanized domestic and commercial potable drinking tanks store water within the NSF-61 certified tank liner.

    Potable Water Supplies

    Public Water Systems

    Fire Protection Water Tanks

    Galvanized water tanks are relied on for fire protection solutions. Steel tanks are configured with the required fire connections based on the project needs.

    NFPA 22 Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection

    NFPA 1142 Fire Water Supplies

    Irrigation Water Tanks

    Large capacity irrigation galvanized water storage is the cost-effective tank that is easily configured for systems. Optional accessories can provide for dual-purposes as well.

    Agriculture and livestock water storage

    Rural water supplies